Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lord Voldemort of Foy and Hartlepool

I see that further to my previous posting as well as Hartlepool the Lord Voldemort has taken the Barony of Foy as well as he stood clad in ermine yesterday. But just where is Foy in the county of Herefordshire and what is the new Baron's connection to it?

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You can try looking for it on Google maps but will find it just acrross the River Wye from Hole in the Wall, maybe this is the Lord's new source of money for property purchases. He owns or owned a cottage there apparently as you can see it is right next to Old Gore another politician who was destined to remain in the shadows and never assume the highest office. However, as it is within a large meander in the River it would be easily defendable by land, should he even need to.

However, it seems rather a sleepy place, well away from the preying eyes of muggles. No doubt somewhere that he could recuperate, regain his strength ready for another onslaught on the innocent.

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