Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ego's Challenge to Tim'rous Beastie

Last May the ballot papers for Scotland listed one party as Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party. Well now that Ego has challenged the politician formerly known as the Tim'rous Beastie to a debate in the Glenrothes constituency.

Now I know as well as the next person that by elections are often seen as a snap shot of opinion on the government of the day, even more so when the government is defending the seat. But our system of democracy does not elect a Prime or First Minister directly and a by election is about the people selecting their representative in whatever place that governance is to take place. Therefore any debate should be about the people actually seeking the job. After all you would expect your union shop steward to go a take a job interview for you.

Also bear in mind that for this by election to Westminster it is the leader of the fifth largest party there (yes even Peter Robinson has more MPs than Alex) challenging the leader of the majority party to a debate. It shows that the Ego really is showing a continued lack of respect to the democratic principles of the country. He's slipping major issues through Parliament without consultation with MSPs, He's taking powers away from local authorities and now is taken the most bolden of steps in turning the grey area of personality politics from the shadows into the limelight.

Leave the hustings to the candidates Alex. Or does he know that Peter Grant is not the best candidate for the people of Glenrothes?

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