Monday, October 13, 2008

Coffee with Mister Viking Leader

On Saturday the Lady Caron, Mister Pinkfish, Mister Stephen and myself sat down in Beanscene across the road from the Scottish Lib Dem conference venue with the new party leader Mister Viking Leader. The other three bloggers were so talkative I couldn't get an word in edgeways although I was dying to ask why he chose to wear an tie honouring the colour of that Westminster based dog.

Today however, is a Monday and Mister Stephen is having a stress filled day. So stressed filled indeed that he is unable to decipher his writing for long enough for me to write up the answers that Mister Viking Leader gave.

Why didn't I take the notes you ask? Well it's difficult for me to hold a pen in my paws.

Anyhoo Mister Stephen promises to have helped me out as soon as he has a free moment. But hearing the stressed sound of his voice not too long ago I wouldn't expect it imminentele emintiallllly soon*.

* Little lions should not attempt long words.


Calum Cashley said...

One would have hoped that you would get the address of your friend's blog correct, that being

Especially since such a title should have a great deal of relevance for anyone who is of a Scottish Liberal bent.

Lionel de Livi said...

Ta Mister Cashley I think my paw slipped.


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