Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bowlers Demand Freedom from Kitchen Slavery

Over the years I've enjoyed many a post match meal after a game of bowls barely paying a thought as to how it has been provided. However, the women of Broughty Castle Bowling Club (near Dundee) have brought the whole scenario to the fore.

They have voted to stop serving the meals every week for the male members, unless the task of setting, serving and clearing up is shared, or passed out to an outside agency. The men in retaliation have threatened to increase their fees from £46 to £87 which is 75% of the full membership fee paid by the men folk.
In certain locations while men can have almost exclusive use of the greens women often find themselves restricted to certain times. It is something that often younger women bowlers object to as often the men would claim precedence in the evening, after work. A younger woman may also have to work and be unable to secure green space in the evening sessions. The teas in some of the clubs I've belonged to have been a shared responsibility, food or a raffle prize provided by each member say.

Also in this day and age some of the men quite possibly are more than capable of preparing, serving or clearing up. The advancement of men in the household arts in recent decades has staggered some women folk the world over. Where once they thought a potato occupied the coach some of them have seen this creature venture into the kitchen to assist, or heaven forbid take over.

If the men of Broughty Castle Bowling Club are going to increase the fees out of spite for the women saying they want some freedom from all the work in the kitchen, they had better provide an equal increase in the resources of the club that the women can use. What's wrong with a little equality in bowls? After all I've played, lost to or beaten teams including women and wheelchair exponents of the art.

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