Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leaking of Postal Vote Results a Worrying Tread

Now I admit I've never attended a postal vote opening in Glasgow, though I have been a regular in West Lothian and also have attended in Edinburgh. Each observer under the other two returning officers, that I have been present at, has agreed to observe and carry out whatever tallying they want but not to make the results of those tallies known publicly.

Therefore I read with disappointment from North Britain that somebody is leaking that information to forums at Politicalbetting.com and The Herald. Such an act of letting the voting trends be known before the polls close, if the figures leaked are correct, would be in contravention of electoral law and if either the Nats or Labour are up to dirty tricks of this kind for their own ends it is one of the most underhanded breaches of confidence in our electoral system and should be reviewed by the Returning Officer.


Holyrood Watcher said...

What are the figures?

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm not going to give them if I'm objuectin to them being disclosed now am I?

Jeff said...

SNP 57 ahead.

Stephen Glenn said...

Now, now Jeff. Did you not read the gist of th thread before posting that here. Not impressed.


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