Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Back to Your Corners: Scottish Blogosphere in Ear Biting Incident

Ok not quite Mike Tysonesque proportions but boy it is getting bitchy in the Scottish Blogosphere of late. The reason of course is a little matter that next Thursday is the first Scottish by election since 2006, and we're all focussing on one race rather than picking over our own turf.

In the red corner doing her sterling best to defend the title is Kezia Dugdale who is getting sources which are leading to worry is high places in the Nats leadership. She also not above mud slinging and name calling. For a change she is making Tom Harris MP look mild and considerate by comparison.

In the other corner, well take you pick. SNP Tactical Voting, Calum Cashley et al are hurling incendaries. While Julie Hepburn is giving a balanced Nat side of the campaign.

But the real fun comes in the comments of the various blogs. Oh I wish I could don an black and white striped jersey and grab a whistle to referee these gladiators.


Jeff said...

Oh come on Stephen, take off that black and white referee outfit, put on some spangly wrestling-type spandex and get involved...!

Kez mentioned it weeks ago, but there is certainly something about by-elections that brings out the worst in us. Delightfully so I may add...

Remember the rules though, no hitting above the belt ;)

Stephen Glenn said...

Cheap head shots are out then, Darn!

Stephen Glenn said...

PS I'm hardly out if it. I get the take side swipes at both Mason and Curran when their guards are down ;-)


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