Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Labour Sexed Up the Need for 42 Days

Oh dear, remember us going to war in Iraq because of sex up dossiers? Well it looks like Labour have not learnt from that lesson.

Well one of the key reasons Labour have been telling us that they need to detain terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge, an additional 2 week on what is already available, was because the police almost ran out of time to investigate two suspects over the failed plane plot at Heathrow in August 2006.

So how close did they actually get?

Well the pressure group Liberty have revealed that the evidence used to convict these two was obtained after 4 and 12 days respectively.

So just where is the pressure on the 28 days we, according to Labour and Gordon Brown, currently have? Both of these would have been solved under the 12 days (allowing for breaks between interrogation) that Australia the next longest country with Common Law have for their suspects to be held.

It will require 33 Labour rebels to join the Tories, Lib Dems et al to overturn the government on the vote tonight, if the DUP do walk into the Government Lobbies. The only 42 I want to hear about later and tomorrow is those 33 plus the 9 DUP members all standing up to this government's underhand attempt to sex up the need for this unnecessary, draconian, illiberal increase.

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