Thursday, March 27, 2008

Independence Referendum - Do We Have an Approved Policy?

I have for a long time felt there was nothing wrong in holding a referendum that including looking at independence. Indeed I am very much of the persuasion that by calling just such a referendum and defeating the idea of a independent Scotland the whole thrust of the Scottish Nationalists could be blunted considerably.

Well it was pleasant reading this morning to see that my firend Iain Dale is also of that persuasion. Indeed to be totally democratic as Liberal Democrats ought to be he suggests we give four options.

1 Return to Westminster only governance.
2 The status quo
3 Increased powers for the devolved Scottish Parliament
4 Independence

He quite rightly also points out that the stance taken by our leadership in recent months has not be approved by a Scottish Liberal Democrat, party conference. He humbly says not to the best of his knowledge. I'm pretty sure if such a motion was before conference he would definitely have remembered it and indeed probably participated in it.

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