Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Right to Cycle

A farmer near Blackridge has blocked off a section of National Cycle Route 75 which runs across his land, this is a major route linking the Forth and Clyde valleys.

The sustainable development charity Sustrans say that £150,000 of public money was spent on the tarmaced section that the farmer Roy Orr has blocked off. Mr Orr claims that this was done without planning permission and has fenced in the section to enable him to farm his land.

Under Scotland's new access legislation however West Lothian Council have ordered the route to be reinstated or appealed by 9 June.

Diversions are currently in operation until this dispute is settled.


Anonymous said...

Possibilty that this should be looked in to further with referance to the re-opening of the Bathgate to Airdrie railway line?

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm sure it will be as most of the cycle path route between the two is on the route of the pre-Beeching railway. However, I'm sure the Executive will be looking at running some sort of cycle way adjacent or close to the rail route to compensate.


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