Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MP's Urged to Rally Round Prescott

Good to see that Labour are returning to their working class roots and are orgnainsing a political rally. It seems too long since Neil Kinnock joined Billy Bragg for Red Wedge. Also good to see they are deserting the coffee houses of the M25 set to take the rally north to Lancashire.

Sadly however, it appears that the rally is not to be arranged around the Lancastrian town of Prescott but the Deputy Prime Minister of that ilk. Now I know John is not exactly swelte but surely a walk around his girth, even at 8 abreast, would not take the other 354 Labour MP's very long and nor is there really enough room for all of them on the parade route, even if he was flat on his back.

Alternatively of course they could sup up the two Jags and rally around Dorneywood. However, even that would hardly give all Tony's men and babes a chance to get behind the wheel. Apparently the jags are only used to going 200 yards in windy conditions.

Maybe the call to arms raised by Ann Clwyd the new Party Chairman is not hopeful of a full turn out. Maybe some of them will find croquet matches that need attending, or holidays that have to be taken or maybe their Russian contacts might warn them off attending.

However, I do like the clever use of the word rally by the Beeb in that article. Subtle enough for some of us to get a good laugh out of it and then share it with you.


Gavin Whenman said...

Be fair, it'll take 3, maybe 4, MPs to physically surrond John Prescott, the others will be needed to surrond the Admiralty Arch apartment, the two Jags, the mistress, the wife and Dorneywood.

Stephen Glenn said...

Oh so it is a metaphysical rally around Prescott and all that he holds dear.

I still don't think there will be a full turn out.


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