Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stuck in Work for Another Few Hours

I was up at 5 this morning and out in Crossford delivering for the Dunfermline by-election. I was dropped of at Inverkiething Station at 8:10 and just made it in in time for work at 9. Before you ask I did ask for today off but due to staffing issues was not allowed the time. I did take two days off last week which was the most they would allow.

I wish I was the other side of the Forth ironically something I can see from the office rather than stuck in Edinburgh working, in fact I'm in an all day training session today, and I'm still awake. The buzz in the office last night and this morning was great. I did not see any Labour or SNP out and about where I was delivering and that included being right next to a polling station. I'm getting goosebumps and ichey feet (as well as sore) and can't wait to head back there after 5 this evening, hopefully another train won't break down in Edinburgh this evening.

If you are close enough and have the time get over there. Things are moving and tonight is going to be tense but lets see how much of a bloody nose we can give Blair and Brown.


Andy said...

Stephen -

Thanks for dropping by my journal earlier and commenting. Good luck this evening!

A question: I didn't do any phone canvassing for this because I felt that my Home Counties accent would provoke a negative reaction - I could easily see people resenting an Englishman disturbing them in their own homes to suggest how they should vote. As a Scot and also someone who is seeing the campaign close up, do you think I was right about this or was I being unnecessarily cautious?


Stephen Glenn said...

I'm not actually a Scot but from Northern Ireland and after being in London for eight years there are certain words I still say with a Sarwth of the River twang.

Actually Dunfermline with its proximity to Edinburgh is quite cosmopolitan, as are a lot of places. As the guys from down there have found out on the streets canvassing it doesn't matter so much where you come from as long are you are taking a genuine interest in them. I think the same will apply for all future campaigns and certain hasn't and won't stop me telecanvasing the length of the country in the future.


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