Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm Backing Charles by Giving Up Drink

So the worst kept secret in Parliament is out. Charles Kennedy has admitted a drink problem and that he is now dry and intends to stay that way. To show my support to Charles I will also give up drink as a sign of solidarity.

He has also called for a leadership election to be held immediately and has announced that he is willing to stand. A brave move to combine the two in one statement but I'm sure that the party will back him even stronger as a result of being open about this issue. Something which I'm sure is the only reason d'aitre that some of those who briefed against him took their chance. Now we can see who is prepared to stand up and be counted against him.

As for myself I am declaring my support for Charles as I see nobody else currently with sufficient experience and diplomacy to guide our party forward through this period of policy review.

That is one for the Kennedy column on first preference I do not see that vote being transferred.

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Anonymous said...

Leaks from Cowley Street 2nd floor are coming thick at fast. Brian Orrell thumping the keyboard late at night has been sending out his comments to all his confidants.

Who is BO you may well ask? Why does he have the keys to party HQ when he is not a staff


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