Wednesday, November 09, 2005

28 Days a Policeman's Lot

The result of the terrorism debate on period of detention has led to defeat for Tony Blair.

The Vote for 90 days was defeated by 322 votes to 291.

The second vote on the 28 day ammendment the vote was 323 to 290.

There was a heated aftenoon which kicked off with the Prime Minister stating in PMQs that he was backing the police over the 90 days and that he expected every member of the house to do so as well.

The debate on the terrorism bill followed and it was clear the the Prime Minster's final pleas had fallen on deaf ears.

Alistair Carmichael one of the Liberal Democrat Home Affair's Spokepeople said:

"This is no flight of fancy because we have been here before - detention without charge is not a new concept. We tried it in Northern Ireland - we know what the consequences of that were."

As someone raised in Northern Ireland who experienced the result of internment while a child I can understand exactly what he means. I'm glad the 90 days was not handed over to the police because they wanted it without thought of the rights of our citizens.

What now for Tony Blair following his first defeat on any vote? Has he finally lost his authority? Will he step aside now?

The nation is watching with interest.

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