Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What quiet month?

Susanne Lamido on suz blog is contemplating how quiet August is. I wish!

We got our latest focus for Linlithgow from the printers on Thursday 4th August. Two days later or course one of the West Lothian MPs died. So last night I took a well earned break and went to Linlithgow to delivery about 400 of my own focuses before the rush of time takes over elsewhere.

However, As I was walking around I was thinking that I was delivering to 700 potential electors, although only about 420 of the people I was delivery to had actually bothered to vote. However 100 of them must have actually voted for me on May 5th. Now that was encouraging.

As for a quiet August maybe next year. I've had three months off from full out election mode and it is gearing up again at the moment. There goes the next few games of this football season as well and we're still only 3 weeks into the new season in Scotland.

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