Saturday, August 06, 2005

To Die in The Hills

In Memory of Robin Cook

To die in the hills is peaceful,
To die in the hills is bliss.
If I want to go let me enjoy my last hours
Away from the bustle, and life's cares and woes.
To breathe in the hills air is beauty
To breathe a last breathe there divine.
Farewell Robin Cook, you were a breathe of fresh air.
Farewell what a shame they called time.

The last time I saw the late MP for Livingston was on election night. He literally breezed into the count hall, swept up to the press gantry and he was off. He looked as fit and healthy as any of the 10 candidates in Bathgate Leisure centre.

I love nothing more that to escape to the hills and the solitude it allows. I love getting up there with my father who is a few years older than Robin Cook’s 59 years. I remember one time that my father backed out of intended route to go up and instead to go through the Mournes. Maybe that was how Robin felt this afternoon, maybe he didn’t take the easy way out, that wasn’t his way. Maybe he pressed on to the task he had set. Whatever happened on Ben Stack a great parliamentarian probably enjoyed his last few hours of life.

Gaynor was with him that night at the count when I last saw my MP alive. My thoughts and prayers go to her and Robin’s family tonight.

God Bless.

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