Thursday, July 28, 2005

Setting Prestonfield House Hotel Alight

Susanne Lamido mentions in her blog today the fire raising of Mike Watson MSP earlier this year. I have far happier memories of Prestonfield House Hotel recently.

Along with the other Lothian based Parliamentary candidates we gathered on the eve of poll to escort Charles, Sarah and Donald James Kennedy to their helicopter. We were told we where to meet Charles after he completed his last interview with the BBC and then walk with him to the helicopter. While we were waiting for Charles to finish we planned not to walk out after himmlike something out of Reservoir Dogs. The following day on a polling station one of my supporters came up to me and said “I saw you on TV last night. You lot looked just like the mob out of Reservoir Dogs.” Quentin Tarrantino has a lot to answer for!

Meanwhile Lord Watson will be up before the beak on 12 November.


Suz said...

Stephen don't mind you mentioning my blog but please spell my name correctly. It's Susanne with an S not a Z

Thanks for reading it anyway

Stephen Glenn said...



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