Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Council Boundary for Linlithgow

The proposed multi-member boundaries have been published by the boundary commission.

Linlithgow is one of four areas in West Lothian that looks like it will be return three members under STV. This has been the strongest area of Liberal Democrat support in West Lothian support for as number of tears and making it a three member ward lifts the winning post that little bit higher than had it become part of a four-member ward. However with Newton being so far from Linlithgow Bridge it is quite a large ward geographically, though nowhere near a big a Esat Livingston and East Calder.

Torphichen and Westfield have been separated from the rest of the existing Preston Ward joining Armadale and Blackridge. Brigdend continues to get shifted around this time joining the remaining Parts of Preston plus all of the St. Michael's and Kingsfield Wards.

The level of support the Liberal Democrats, including myself on 5 May 2005, has been on the increase and this area for some time. Recent results would suggest that even in a three-memebr ward we are capable of winning a seat here. The next couple of years will prove to be interesting to the life of Linlithgow voters..

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