Monday, September 06, 2010

Scottish Success in the Top 75

Earlier this evening Total Politics announced the top 75 Liberal Democrat blogs from a poll of over 2,200 blog readers. There was some good news for the Scottish Blogosphere.

First up the top woman is one of the Scots as Caron is at number 3. Little did I know when she first asked me 'How do I start a blog?' that she would climb to this height, only Lib Dem Voice and Mark Reckons.

She is not alone in the top ten this year. As with Scottish list I take her number 7 and Andrew Reeves is number 10 a climb of 9. Our top Councillor Fraser Macpherson from Dundee also in the top 20 at 18 up 13 luckily for him. So that is 20% of the people who can use this button are Scots.

Elsewhere however there are other Scots. Our general election candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock James Taylor with his Liberal Thought blog is the one I'm envious of with his number 42 spot a new entry. He was omitted off the Scottish list but should have been another in the Scottish top 50. Liberal Youth Scotland climb 3 to 54, Edinburgh Cllr Paul Edie enters in the 69 position*, while Montrose Cllr David May is at 72, Aberdeen Cllr Ian Yuill is at 73 and former Angus candidate candidate Sanjay Samani brings up the rear at number 75.

That is ten of the top 75 hailing from north of the border. A very real sound of gunfire from up here, a real strengthening from 5 years ago when I was one of the few Scottish voices in the Lib Dem blogosphere.

Although I've also just heard that Mícheál has just submitted his blog to Ryan at Lib Dem blogs, so seeing as he's spurred on by the friendly competition I may not be the top Lib Dem blogger in Northern Ireland this time next year, just as for the last two years I haven't been top in West Lothian despite being second in Scotland.

But thank you for everyone who voted for me and all the other bloggers on this list. I now also know that if I'd been elected I would now be in the top 10 MPs blogs as well, ho hum. Of course last year I came 11th, 11th and then 101st overall. With two 7ths under my belt this year wouldn't it be strange if I was 77th overall.

* You didn't think I'd avoid double entendre there did you?

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