Friday, August 06, 2010

Sped Up Deportation Also a Moral Outrage

There are two types of foreigners in the UK system economic migrants and asylum seekers. Let's make that clear. The latter of those types are the most vulnerable.

Therefore it is with outrage that I see that there is a leaked document that is looking at the voluntary right to leave or deportation at some point in the following 2 months of families seeking asylum. The no time being given element brings to mind the harrowing images from France earlier this week.

When I was campaigning in the general election I was campaigning for treating asylum seekers as human beings. Not looking up their children behind bars, allowing them to seek employment while their cases were heard. These are people that for whatever reason have fled their country to seek refuge. Yes, our immigration services then have to vet them to ensure that their is a genuine need and a right to stay. Although under Labour many of the most needy cases were not treated with egality.

I'd like to think we live in a liberal state that looks out for the most needy. Treating asylum seekers and their families as little more than unwanted cargo is not the way to go about thinks.

The Liberal Democrats campaigned to end child detention, not by being Iranian about it* and simply getting rid of anyone in that category. There have to be better alternatives that allow the process to run its full and fair course, which also does away with the need to detain children.

I think the UK Border Agency better think it out again.

* The Iranian way to ensure there are no gays in the country is the kill any they find.

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