Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Scots Are Canny Even With Public Money

They often say that the Scots are a canny lot with money, according to John Curtice in today's Scottish Edition of the Times* it seems that stretches to Government money too.

He looks at the two YouGov Scottish opinion polls the first of which during the first week of the campaign had the SNP down at 21% the other taken from Wednesday to Friday last week had them at 20% only just ahead of the Lib Dems. In his conclusions he points out that the SNP malaise is not so much because of the Lib Dem surge nationally nor because of the exclusion from the debates as they were already down before the debate and only sank slightly.

What he does point out is another finding from that second sampling. The Nats slogan of "More Nats less tax" isn't cutting the mustard with economically savvy Scots. Only 25% agreed with the proposition while and overwhelming 52% disagreed. Just like their claim that they are listening to Scots on independence it appears that they have not listened to Scots about how to deal with the structural deficit.

The Scots know that without pruning of Government services we cannot hope to emerge strong from this recession.

* Cannot find an online copy yet.

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