Friday, March 05, 2010

It's Firday So......Michael Foot

I'm currently up in Perth for Scottish Lib Dem conference and about to have a really nice blog exclusive in the next few hours (indeed I'm preparing it now if all is going as planned). But tradition is tradition and every Friday at 5 it is time for a somewhat topical or relevant relax.

As Michael foot passed away on Wednesday aged 96 I think I'd use that as a theme.

First up a little cross party co-operation. Tory blogger Iain Dale, interviewed the former leader of the Labour party on his 90th Birthday. Here now on a Lib Dem Blog that podcast in two parts.

A little bit of Spitting Image where Foot was over scruffified.

For his 90th Birthday Foot was named in his beloved Plymouth Argyle's squad and given the number 90 shirt. In memory of Michael here are some highlights of the Green and White army.

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