Sunday, February 07, 2010

Things Brown has Been Absolutely Certain About

Today in the Observer Gordon Brown says:

"I'm not complacent, but Labour can still win it. I'm absolutely sure of that."

This is the same man who declared in September 1999:

"And I say to Conference and the country, we will never return to the days of Tory boom - bust."

What never? What absolutely sure?

I think Gordon doth use superlatives too much and too glibbly.


Will said...

Ah, but Stephen, technically GB is right: this isn't Tory boom-bust, which is what he was talking about; it's Labour boom-bust, which is, apparently, different.

Unfortunately, I'm still not clear on how it's different, but even so...

Paul said...

Labour boom and busts are very similar to Tory booms-busts but are longer


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