Friday, February 05, 2010

The Not Given Interview from Jim Devine

At the end of their joint statement moments after the charges against them were announced the three Labour MPs Jim Devine, Elliot Morley and David Chaytor said they would not be available for media interviews.

However, that must mean that Devine's interviews with Sky News and the BBC didn't happen. So people didn't hear this

"I'm absolutely distraught and astonished at the decision that has been taken today. It is noticeable that there's no reference to shelving, there's no reference to mileage ... and some two new charges have been brought, both of which ... I will explain in court.

"I have just learnt two minutes ago what the allegation is. I think it is bizarre that I have been treated in this way. Tactically I've probably made a mistake because at the very beginning I referred myself to the police. The police have been through every single one of my receipts. In the Legg report yesterday other people have paid money back. If there is a problem – and I don't think there is a problem – why wasn't I given the opportunity to pay back?

"It's striking that the main allegations that were made against me were ones that I referred myself to the police for; they are not the ones that I'm being charged with."

What does strike me is Jim's pointed comment that there was no reference to shelving and no reference to mileage. Is that therefore an admission of guilt on the part of the disgraced Livingston MP? Don't worry I'm sure his Labour replacement as candidate Graeme Morrice will come up with something about Jim having to be in residential streets during the working day clearing this dirt from his name and not on the major locations doing the work for as many of Livingston as possible.

Also see: Still not not-giving interviews, Jim Devine appeared on Channel 4 News this evening, see it courtesy of Rantin Rab.

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RantinRab said...

The channel 4 interview is on my blog. It's a classic.


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