Friday, February 05, 2010

MacBlogopshere Wikio Rankings February

They are here the February political Wikio Rankings. Last month I finished with "So until next time when the snow may or may not still be with us, bon chance, bon spiel and careful how you go." Well the snow has largely gone around me except where it was heaped up, yes we still have some of the snow that fell in December with us in February, the Bonspiel didn't 'officially' happen, and some of you have had one or two minor mishaps.

First up apologies for last Month missing off Captain Ranty who entered the top 100 at 80. Sadly this month he has just slipped out of the top 100 to 108. So belated welcome for last month, maybe you'll climb back into the top 100 next month, these rankings are quite volatile, well apart from Tom Harris who is wedged into 6th spot again and the Cute Greek Baby who has climbed one spot back to 16th.

However, there are two Scottish new entries this month that I did pick up on. First up if we are counting Alex Massie, and we are, we'll have to count Andrew Neill as well who appears at number 67. Maybe he'll prompt Brian Turner to add himself to Wikio and we can have a journalistic competition in the MacBlogosphere as far as Wikio goes. The other new entry is Scottish Round Up at 84.

Using the Scotblogs Political Rankings as a guide how have our top 25 done.

Numero Uno SNP Tactical Voting is only 5th by Wikio, the Cute Greek Baby is second in both. We drop to 6th Scot Blog and find the 3rd in Wikio for Mr Massie. Caron followed him and was the top Lib Dem but Wikio has her dropping behind me (21st Scotblogs) again this month, but then she does say seven is her lucky number*. Subrosa was last of our top ten to make the Wikio charts at 4th.

The absence of J Arthur Macnumpty, Go Lassie Go, Lallands Peat Worrier (172), Gerry Hassan and Indygal Goes to Holyrood (183) from our top Wikio blogs is because three of them have not listed themselves on Wikio while the other two as indicated in brackets are in the lower reaches of the Top 200. Although you can submit a site to be added to Wikio at

Yousuf scraped into the Scotblogs at 25 and slipped again in the Wikio rankings as our lowest but 15th Scot to 96.

Tom Harris, Bishop Hill, Ranting Rab, Andrew Reeves, Underdog Bites Upwards and Two Doctors are all in the Wikio list(Mr Harris as is customary at the top) but didn't feature in the Top 25 Political ScotBlogs. Therefore in the space of a week we have two very different looking lists showing the strength in depth of the Scottish political bloggers.

As usual here is the complete list with last month's rankings in brackets.

1. Tom Harris MP And another Thing... 6 (6)
2. Mr Eugenides 17 (18)
3. Alex Massie's Spectator Blog 26 (25)
4. Subrosa 28 (26)
5. SNP Tactical Voting 41 (35)
6. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 48 (50)
Caron's Musings 58 (46)
8. Bishop Hill 62 (56)
9. NEW Andrew Neill's Blog 67
10. Ranting Rab 77 (70)
11. Andrew Reeve's Running Blog 80 (75)
12. Underdog Bites Upwards81 (71)
13. NEW Scottish Round Up 84< href="">Two Doctors 88 (73)
15. Yapping Yousuf 96 (88)

See you same time, same blog next month folks.

* BTW Caron is also 7th Lib Dem UK-wide in Wikio rankings this month


Caron said...

Have you seen, I'm 7th in the Lib Dem blogs as well, according to Dr Pack?

You are 4th after a very successful and rather excellent month. Well done!

RantinRab said...

Interesting stuff Stephen, thanks for posting.

I expected to drop this month as I've been a tad quiet but I'm pleased it's not as big a drop as I envisaged.


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