Wednesday, January 06, 2010

West Lothian Council Advice for the Conditions

Yesterday I noticed that the bins were not uplifted. I didn't have anything to put into last weeks having just returned from Northern Ireland. This is due to continued disruption due to snow and icy conditions. The council have full details of what to do here. Basically it sums up as:

  • Leave your bin out until it is emptied,
  • Please do not contaminate recycling bins with non recyclable materials,
  • Ensure all waste is contained within the bin and the bin lid is fully closed or it may not be emptied.
Also be careful about where you park you car to allow access. I know that some residents have not moved their cars here for three weeks, but for those that do take it out and then try and park as best they can, do show care and consideration for others. Also if you can consider what you may be able to take to the coucil refuge sites yourself, but don't do so if that isn't a safe option for you.

The gritting teams have continued to do a sterling job working around the clock always it seems in sub zero temperatures. So while we are all able to get or keep snuggly wrapped up in the warm they are out doing their stuff. Of course there are occasions, especially during fresh falls of snow that they cannot be everywhere at once, so keep on being patient. Tomorrow morning could be one such time as the BBC website is forecasting a heavy snow shower, the highest warning of snow they have given in the last 12 days.

As well as the BBC local forecast keep a check on the West Lothian Council updates on conditions and access.


Paul Freeman said...

Guess we've been quite lucky then, as our bins have been collected each week without fail. good work considering the state of our road.

MetA said...

The link "sterling job working around the clock " is a little (!) disingenuous. and follow the leaders comments and councillors inputs.

PRIMARY routes were being adressed bu NOT SECONDARY ROUTES. ie most householders in West Lothian's streets left to fend for themslves and in many cases no grit in bins .

BRENDA said...

Regarding the grey bins being emptied. Well i know the wheather has been bad ie roads ect. But our village in bridgend put our bins out on the 23rd of December. Its now the 12th of January and to our dismay the grey bins are still sitting out on the street. Yet the council could come up two weeks ago to empty the blue bins from our street. Our blue bins are due for up lift tomorrow and i guess our grey bins will sit for another week.Regarding taking household rubbish to the tips if the bin men cant come up and empty the bins due to road conditions i wonder how they expect us council tax payeys to take it to the tip. The roads have been clear for well over a week now as the thoughtful bin men were up on Friday and done one half of Bridgend but forgot about the place, the terrace the drive and willowdeen need i go on . Total Disgrace. I know the council are doing their best but i think it is totally out of order to leave grey bins sitting for 7 weeks out on a street. Bridgend resident.


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