Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Night of the Long Songs

Which of the songsters will be the undoing of Brown. Rumours that a big hitter in the cabinet is close to resigning in a move to destabilise the Prime Minister.

Will it be:

  • Barry Mannilow's Mandy
  • Doris Day Move Over (for) Darling
  • The Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Straw
It comes after Lord Mandelson told the London Evening Standard:

"We are not a sectarian party. We are not a heartlands-only party."

This was in response to schools secretary Ed Balls suggesting a targeting strategy in Labour heartlands. Mandelson went on to reject such an idea saying:

"We are not going to win the election on that basis."

It really would appear that the noble Lord's word after the 2001 election that he is a fighter not a quitter still ring true. It appears that the former spin doctor is out to win. As the kingmaker behind Blair it is possible that he may have someone else in mind to take the important role centre stage.

Watch this space.

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