Thursday, January 21, 2010

Serial Applicant Heading (or Not) to Livingston

Was just doing a little bit of digging on the Hackney based Adenike Rachel Abimbola-Akindele who has made the short list for the Livingston seat to replace Jim Devine. Hat tip to Blood and Property a Hackney based blog for this comment on LabourHome.

"Adenike Rachel Abimbola-Akindele is a serial applicant who is putting her cv for most seats, she does not turn up at selections or go to the area but because she is a woman and BAME is always shortlisted. It’s a shame as it is blocking places for more worthwhile applicants who have worked the area for many weeks before nominations. Also, as can be seen in Barrow, she is being tactically nominated by some branches to ensure that their man (John Woodcock – Gordan’s Spad) faces less competition."

As even my brief research showed this is the fifth seat in recent months she has been mentioned as being on the shortlist for. You can see why she ticks two boxes a minority candidate and a woman. Again in Livingston she stands out as the only shortlisted candidate to fit either of those criteria. However the last comment on that post tallies with this comment on Jeff's blog last week. It may explain why Ian Murray (who interestingly only blogs in election years) wasn't on the shortlist, then again maybe not.

Of course if Ms Abimbola-Akindele doesn't show the people of Loganlea and Addiewell will hardly notice and the Labour candidate failed to turn up at the hustings in the either the General Election or By Election in 2005.

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Blood and Property said...

I just saw this story. I meant to write something about her when she turned up (in spirit) in Thurrock. The link to the comment on Labourhome now works so that it doesn't look like I invented that harsher criticism!


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