Thursday, January 21, 2010

Compare the Feetball Dot Com Not so Simples

As a fan of the team whose history included the SFL demanding a name change name back in 1974 as they didn't want the financial connection with Ferranti to lower the tone of the place, this story of Stirling Albion doesn't surprise me but kind of brings a smile to the face at the same time.

Fellow strugglers financially Stirling Albion are also a club that the supporters trust is heavily involved came up with a plan to help them survive. Buy the club and selling naming rights to for £50,000. For a club £1.5 million in debt and surviving two winding up orders in the last few months it is a small drop in the ocean to rename yourself Stirling Albion Meerkats.

However the SFA said no:

"Any proposed change of name would require to be submitted to the board for consideration and approval.

"Given that a name change for commercial purposes would have huge implications, the integrity of the game would be paramount in any decision-making process."

As a Livingston, formerly known as Meadowbank Thistle, formerly known as Ferranti Thistle, fan you can almost imagine me half crying out now you talk of integrity of the game. But as the SFA took our side over the SFL after the latter's tardiness to decide Livingston's fate before the first ball of the season was kicked.

However, decisions make by the SFA and SFL over the summer, promises made which were later reneged make a claim of integrity to stop a set of fans trying to help their club survive seem hollow. Although if we were to follow the American example, Livingston already known as the Lions would face a tough time selling the naming rights. Either Nestlé and the Lion Bar (which would have Caron and myself up in arms) or Lyons* tea or Ice Cream.

*See what I did there? Subtle, or what?


Hywel said...

Seems fairly common in Wales whish had Total Network Solutions FC

There is also Airbus Broughton FC but AIUI that is actually because it evolved from the works team.

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm aware that is the case in Wales but in 1974 Ferranti Thistle merely passed into a footnote in History and a suite at Livingston. But this does appear to be going to that next stage not so much a works team but a product or branding placement.

Paul Freeman said...

They'll be dancing in the streets of Meerkats tonight


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