Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Conference #ldconf

Well last night after a 'pint' with LYS President Ruaraidh Dobson and Kieran Leach I headed to Edinburgh coach station. I did so on the off chance of getting on the supposedly full 22:00 Coach heading to London instead of the 06:45 from this morning I ended up getting booked on. Basically I hate having a long trip somewhere arriving late and not having time to relax before the action begins. Which answers Caron's question of why I'd left last night already.

I was lucky, I got on the coach, but the overhead lights were working so my continuation of reading Nick Clegg's excellent The Liberal Moment had to wait. However, then on arrival at London Victoria Coach Station despite being told in Edinburgh just to show you're ticket they'll take you as standby. Sadly they didn't and the queue by the time I got to the ticket office was already longer than the 8 minutes I had remaining to get unto the 07:15. Though I was ready for the 09:00 and Bournemouth bound.

I haven't been to Federal Autumn Conference since 2004 for one reason or another (two years it was by elections), when again we were in Bournemouth. This year I''ve got to remember to head West to the BIC rather than East, although my walk is closer. So I'm ready for conference to kick off tomorrow. My schedule is already getting fuller by the email.

There is a small quirk of irony when I was registering at my hotel earlier. I literally burst out laughing and then had to explain to the guy on reception just why the number 11 is haunting me this month.

However, a quick shower, a stroll along the Cliffs and lunch has revigorated me. Though my neck could do with one of the promised massages in the BIC at the Health Zone, I think I'll be queuing up early tomorrow for one.

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