Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's My Birthday, It Must be Conference #ldconf

Four decades and nine months ago my parents could not have known the inconvenience that their nocturnal activities that night would lead to their firstborn son. Now all these years later I have been on my way to, or back or at some venue on (usually) the Southern English coast more times than I can remember.

This year I pass one of the milestones but the conference has laid on some treats. The leader is meeting me (OK and some of the other bloggers). There is a big reception for the occasion this evening (rumour has it that the codename of conference Civic Reception and Rally is only a cover to keep the paps away).

So I'm off now for the first of those appointments. Catch you later if you are in Bournemouth. Have a good day if you're not. Turrah for now. More later I'm sure.


Paul said...

Many happy returns, Stephen! The Big 40!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your trip south, mind and bring a stick of rock back, i have a sweet tooth :)


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