Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fringe Review: Pappy's Fun Club World Record Attempt #edfringe

Pleasance One 19:20

You turn up and wonder is is possible that you will truly see 200 sketches before 20:20, the time not the year. But when the Troupe open with a song which they themselves sing is too long, and is more suitable for Sesame Street than the Edinburgh Fringe you do start to panic for them just a bit.

However, soon they find some sort of momentum, if that is indeed what it is but the odd distraction, from a Time Machine and the group’s newest friend Dean, who is a bit out of his time, Eon even. It would make you worry about the record attempt if you weren’t too busy laughing to keep an eye on their time.

The time machine does allow the guys to ask advice of record breakers Robert Pershing Wadlow and Pauline Musters, the world's tallest man and shortest women, who are brought to 2009 convenienly rather than us travelling to their time. They advise was not to become a world record holder as it only leads to loneliness. Surely there is some potential Rom Com value in that.

However, also to assist them in their task last night the boys called upon Terry Quaker founder of the church and porridge oats company. Who is also a close friend of the founder of the Christian faith.......Terry Christian. However, he turns out to be not quite what you'd expect but just what one of the cast expected. He attempts to sabotage the show. But......

No I won't spoil it for you. However, inviting Terry Quaker is probably the sort of thing you don't want to do again, but as the lads said, in a masturbationary joke, it is a long festival, and this is a sketch show not reality.

UPDATE: As a blogger I was impressed to find that the team and one of their members Matthew Crosby have blogs of their own. They even have done a comedy show via Twitter.

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