Friday, July 24, 2009

What Now For Livingston?

As promised I said I'd get around to saying more about for me one of the two big football stories of the day.

In February 2004 Livingston Football were preparing for the CIS Cup Semi Final when they went into administration.

This week having had a 0-0 draw against SPL side Falkirk and a 2-1 win against Plymouth Argyle in pre-season friendlies we have been thrust there again. This morning the court of session in Edinburgh appointed an interim administrator to bring 'some stability'.

David Thomson, counsel for the local authority, told the court that the company was in "a grossly insolvent state".

"There appears to be a general recognition that this company is in a seriously insolvent state and is not in a position to do anything about it.

"It is appropriate the court take control of the administration of this company."

One thing that recent events and disclosure from Angelo Massone has revealed is that since 2004 the Council have been seeking the same level of rent from the company that they say is insolvent and for the upcoming season they have agreed a lower rate. Ironically if upon relegation the lower level had been applied the club would now actually be in credit with the council from what has been paid.

There have also been two attempts from different sources, thus far, to reach some agreement with West Lothian Council, but these have all been turned down. Agreements have been made with other creditors, to maintain some stability going into the new season.

One thing I'd like the council to answer how much is the administration of the club going to end up costing anybody involved with the club now and in the future. These guys don't work for free and their fees will have to be met somehow. On top of the fact that in an incredibly tough division we are pretty much looking at relegation before a ball is kicked whoever takes over the club is looking at Division 2 football most likely next season.

I'm quite sure who I've lost faith in more the owners of the club or the pledge of the council that they have the best interests of maintaining senior football in Livingston.

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Paul Freeman said...

Sometimes the Google Ads are too good at reading the text and posting relevent ads e.g. "Take our 30 second debt test & see whether you qualify for Bankruptcy!"

Both the council and Massone seem equally stubborn and this is ending up leading the club out of existance :(


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