Monday, May 11, 2009

Dave Thompson A Question

Dave Thompson the SNP list MSP for the Highlands and Islands region has made his position clear on the Scott Rennie position says in the Sunday Herald:

"I have no problem with people who have different beliefs or a different lifestyle.

"I do believe, however, that once someone declares himself as a Christian that they should comply with the teaching of the Bible and that active homosexuality is incompatible with that teaching."

As Bernard Salmon points out on his blog:

"Well, if we're talking about textual purity, I'm interested to see how Mr Thompson squares his beliefs with the following passage from the SNP's Holyrood manifesto in 2007: "the SNP will not promote or support legislation or policies which discriminate on the grounds of race, disability, age, gender, faith or religion, social background or sexual orientation."

"Some might say that once someone declares himself as a Nationalist MSP, he should comply with the provisions of the manifesto and that active bigotry is incompatible with that manifesto. Or is this yet another part of their manifesto that's not meant
to be taken seriously?"

I couldn't have put it better myself, hoisted by his own petard is Mr Thompson.

Of course Mr. Thompson would be aware that nobody really declares themselve a Christian, that declaration comes from God upon the confession of sin from an indivudual; if I were to be really pedantic. Now of course when that declaration as in my case comes at the age of 10 before I was sexually aware let alone active the problem comes when I find out just what my sexual preference is after that point. Put if I'm keeping to teaching of the bible I'll be heading down to the slave market tomorrow so I can be a good master. I'd also say the moderator elected at the 2007 General Assembly the Very Rev. Dr. Sheilagh Kesting should have covered her head in church and not been allowed to speak in let alone lead the church. Of course if I did so Mr Thompson would probably accuse me of being selective in which parts of the bible are still applicable today.

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