Monday, February 23, 2009

Equality and Maternity Leave - Victims of Recession

Plans announced the the Queen's speech to enhance maternity leave and toughen equality legislation are the latest victims of the recession if Lord Voldemort of Hartlepool and Foy has his way. The Business Minister sees these enhancements to the workplace as anti-business and therefore as part of the confidential memo calling on Minister to:

"advise on a moratorium on legislation and legislative announcements made but not yet implemented that will entail additional costs for businesses".

these measures have come under the Mandelson axe. However, these policies have been championed by Harriet Harman, the deputy Labour leader, who has rallied for a harder line against those who blame the recession to victimise those covered by such legislation longer.

However, it shows a rift in the cabinet and Labour party over just how to deal with the downturn in the economy. Jon Cruddas said:

"If the most progressive of our policies are the first to go under the hatchet, that will cause deep unease across the party. Genuflecting to the free market got us into this mess and the solution is not more of the same. There is now a deepening ideological divide about what to do next."

So the ideological battle between traditional and new Labour may also be raising its head in the midst of this crisis. At a time when the polls are not favourable to Labour inner party struggles may also been seen as a means to move on. However, there is a task at hand and it seems that there are two roads diverging in the Westminster village. It all depends which is the road Labour will travel by.

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