Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't Drink and U-Turn

Be careful that Kenny MacAskill hasn't been drinking before performing the next hand brake turn in SNP policy. For as a comment on Kez's blog also failed to omit any mention of plans to review alcohol policy possibly because this is going to be watered down from what was originally announced it seems.

The SNP were promising that they would lift the minimum age for off sales to 21 across Scotland, yet it seems that MacAskill is leaving this decision up to local authorities rather than making a central decision. There is also a problem with the pledge to make business pay for the social problems associated with alcohol. The proposed separate checkout for alcohol sales is also likely to be dropped.

Don't forget that no matter what ends up remaining in the policy paper brought forward the Nats had promised far reaching steps to deal with a major problem. If they are truly watering down their plans it is not because they are being less authoritarian probably more to do with trying to get at least part of this one through. But again it is another climb down as they are unable to argue their corner.

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