Thursday, January 15, 2009

Linlithgow Awarded Climate Challenge Funds

Linlithgow Climate Change have secured £93,845 in the third round of funding from the Climate Challenge Fund which was announced today. The group has issued the following statement.

Linlithgow Climate Challenge (LCC) have been granted £93,845 from the
Climate Challenge Fund to reduce the carbon footprint of Linlithgow through
co-ordination and administration of a suite of projects geared to engage the
community of Linlithgow. LCC aim to engage a diverse spectrum of
local community groups, individuals & businesses with several projects to
find the most suitable ecological engagement. Some may prefer simple advice on
energy saving through insulation, while others may require more support and
education to grow local food. Businesses may wish to adopt more sustainable
business practices and supply chains. Whatever the local needs, LLC will offer
assistance to guide our community towards effective solutions towards a carbon
footprint reduction for the town.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we will remain guided by
general community consensus and will position voluntary and funded resources to
support more complex projects such as renewables research, transport improvement
and waste/recycling initiatives. LCC have already worked successfully with the
Energy Saving Scotland advice centres on a number of projects and it is expected
that close partnerships with existing organisations will continue. An earlier
funded Survey is due for printing and distribution to over 5700 households in
January to canvas local public opinion on Climate Change and effective local
measures that could be developed.

Having been involved with the group at the early stages I'm delighted to see this funding come the way of this project. Many of those involved have great enthusiasm and a wide range of concerns, skills and attributes in move Linlithgow forward to a greener more sustainable future.

This will be a great asset to the community of Linlithgow and will be wisely earmarked to projects that will led on to more and greater greening of the historic town. I also hope that this example will lead to other towns in West Lothian rising the challenge of what they can do too.

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James said...

Another excellent illustration of the advantages of voting Green! ;)


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