Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come In Number Six Your Time is Up

It was a sad day yesterday for diffferent sets of cult TV fans as both Partick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban passed.

More than just a number McGoohan of course starred along with Portmeirion in The Prisoner as number six. As well as being a star of the cult show he was also the executive producer, plus directer and wrote a number of episodes. Before that he had stared in Secret Agent. He was also a close friend of Columbo star Peter Falk, appearing with Falk on the show and winning a couple of Emmy's in the process.

Montalban is always engrained in my mind as Khan from the second Star Trek Movie The Wrath of Khan of course having the title role in a Star Trek Movie gives as much protection as being a junior crewman in a red uniform. But Montablan filled the screen in his role as Kirk's nemisis. He was also the host Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island in the 70s and 80s. The Mexican born star was one of the first from down Meixico way to make it big in Holywood. His son put it beaurufully when he said that his 88 year old father died of "complications related to old age."

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