Monday, August 04, 2008

Some Northern Ireland Politicians Have Pride

Well the weekend saw the culmination of the week long pride events in Belfast with the Pride Parade through Belfast in light of the hot potato that Iris Robinson has made gay rights in the province over recent months by what she's said it was good to hear that politicians from most parties (the exception being the Democratic Unionist Party) turned up to show their support for this section of the Northern Irish community.

Ulster Unionist Party MLA's BAsil McCrea and John McCallister went were the DUP must have feared to tread in anything other than effigy (Iris Robinson had been invited to a debate about her views but turned it down, he husband the First Minister also turned down an invite). The SDLP have long sent party representation to the event and this tyear as well as the UUP were joined delegations or senior politicians from Sinn Féin, Alliance and Progressive Unionist Party.

So congratulations are due to Dawn Purvis for showing the PUP are more Progressive than the largest party at Stormont. The SDLPs human rights and equality spokesperson, Dolores Kelly MLA, along with SDLP councillors Tim Attwood and Matthew McDermott who brought their families along. Alliance leader David Ford MLA and the party's executive director Gerry Lynch. Plus Belfast Sinn Féin Lord Mayor Tom Hartley.

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