Monday, August 04, 2008

Lib Dem Blog of Year

Having already given coverage to Iain Dale's Total Politics' Guide to Political Blogging 2008-9 I think it is only right that I should now highlight that the Lib Dem Blog of the Year Awards are seeking nominations. Yes the first party to award blogging awards at conference is at it again.

Recurring categories include Best new Liberal Democrat blog (any started after 1 August 2007 are eligible), Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office, Best posting on a Liberal Democrat blog (since 1 September 2007) and of course the one everyone wants, what they really, really want (if only they were man, woman or cuddly animal enough to admit it) Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year.

There are two new categories this year the first recognising the changing shape of political blogging is for Best use of blogging or social networking by a Liberal Democrat. The second shows a little inclusiveness as it is for Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blog.

Closing date for nominations is 31 August when the judging panel will draw up their short list for another vote on Lib Dem Voice in time for conference. So can send nominations to

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