Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Women Bishops

I'm glad that the Anglican Church has finally caught up with other denominations and voted yesterday to allow women to become Bishops. We've already had female Presbyterian Moderators, female Prime Minister etc so we may eventually have a female Archbishop of Canterbury.

I'm also glad that the concessions for super-bishops and dioceses for those opposed to female bishops was turned down. The women ministers I have met are every bit as good and able at shepherding their flock as men are, many of them more so. There should not be concessions to those opposed to them you only need to point out Ruth, Esther or Naomi in the bible to show that women have always had ability. Only the cream will rise to the top as Bishops but that is the same in every profession. The possibility is that the Church may well be one profession where now that the glass ceiling has been lifted it is actually easier for women to reach a greater equality at the top than business or politics.

The work-life balance in the church is a lot easier than a lot of professions as home and work are closely situated. Of course I also know the counter argument that as a result they never seem to be separated out, but even the most trying of times ministers in the church will know that their family is not that far away at the end of the day.

The church of England is moving into the 21st Century and realising that it has to utilise the best potential that it has at its disposal. All steps in the right direction are good news.


fred barboo said...

I heard that some of the Bishops were in tears on the announcement of the ruling.

Does that not mean that there are already Bishops that are (big) girls?

(am i allowed to say that?)

Stephen Glenn said...

Well you just have. Personally I'll not take offence.

Bishop to Queen 8.

Cousin Rachel said...

I am aware, Master Stephen, that your reputation for biblical understanding is known far and wide. So maybe you could help me with something as I am a little confused.

I have read and re-read the book of Ruth many times and I don't see anything in what Ruth or Naomi do that supports the idea of women bishops. All I see is a story of two refugees widows who have their life restored (redeemed) when some farmer bloke called Boaz marries Ruth.

There ARE convincing biblical arguments to be made in support of women bishops but I'm not sure the book of Ruth is where I'd go looking for them.


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