Monday, July 07, 2008

No Surprise as Tavish Makes Three

Tavish Scott today was the least surprising entrant into the contest to succeed his close friend Nicol Stephen as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

He said in Shetland today:

"The Nationalists have formed their first government - and have shown themselves to be as opportunistic in office as they always were in opposition."

"Labour is sinking under the weight of its own internal strife - and on the watch of its own Scottish captain. And the Scottish people are being sold short as never before."

"Our party must speak to Scotland's people about those things that most concern them and not just those that most interest politicians."

Well I agree with him that we need to speak to Scotland's people and talk about what concerns them. That should apply to the leader listening to the party members as well. Tavish will have to remember that in the Lib Dems it is the body that decides direction and not the head so they need to be given that opportunity to decide things and see them acted on.

I've seen too often if the party membership don't feel 100% consulted over something they can go against what may be the 'perceived' as the official route and that is something that a Tavish Scott campaign may well be up against at this time.

With three candidates standing they will definitely be STV used in the election to second preferences may well come into play from whomever gains least support in the first round. It will be interesting to see the positioning of stalls to see just which set of supporters the other will see as needing to be persuaded to give over their second preferences.

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