Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spotted out and About? - Tales of the East End II

Was out delivering in Glasgow East yesterday afternoon when came across an SNP canvasser trying to gain access to a stair. Was greet unusually by the question "Stephen Glenn, right?". Yes I'd stumbled across David Hutchinson one time host of North to Leith. Small world our political blogosphere even if a former blogger who has handed over the reigns crops up.

Also out an about I drove past Fiona Hyslop on a street on my way out past the SNP second hand car dealership, sorry HQ, with Robert Smith MSP.

Saw my only Labour activists on the street at about 7 PM, after seeing loads of SNP and being serenaded by Alex Salmond, the Tories, Solidarity and the SSP all day from their tannoy systems.

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