Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desperate Times? - Tales From the East End I

Had a wee chat with an amazing East End of Glasgae woman yesterday. She was telling us a little about the Labour telephone canvassing 'strategy' from the receiving end.

Somebody with "a toffy voice",to quote her, called her up to ask her if she knew there was a by election going on in Glasgow East. Did she know, it was the talk in the shops, the doctors, the hairdressers and the street. Plus she told them she could hardly walk down the street without seeing a lamppost festooned or go out the door without tripping over the latest leaflet.

However, the second question was will you be voting, she said of course. Leading to next question of who. She told the telephone canvasser she wasn't going to disclose that. However, it was followed up by the following question:

"When you go into the polling booth which party will you be putting you x beside?"

Quite correctly this woman retorted with, "I may be from the East End but that doesn't make me stupid. You've just asked me the same question and it is none of your business."

You'd have thought that would have been the end of it but no, she was called back twice by telephone canvassers. Then she had a fourth call from Tom McNab who started with the same questions as the other 3, until she said before you ask me who I'm voting I'll not be telling you. She then filled in the MP on the background of the selection fiasco, apparently he was not aware of that. Gave her opinions on the reasons that no Glasgow labour Councillor (ie George Ryan or Stephen Purcell) would want to face the Glasgow East electorate.

All I could think at the end was way to go woman. You tell him. As well what on earth are labour playing at.

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