Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mugabe Not Recognised

Britain has used the strongest language yet about the recent goings-on in Zimbabwe by not recognising the legitimacy of Robert Mugabe as President elect. Paddy Ashdown has warned that Zimbabwe could descend into another Rwanada if the attacks on MDC supporters continues and heads towards genocide. Morgan Tsvangirai has sought refuge in the Dutch Embassy in Harare following his stepping aside from the presidential rerun, while his supporters at the MDC headquarters were rounded up and detained.

There are moves afoot at the world level, the UN Security Council have said that a free and fair presidential run-off vote on Friday would be "impossible".
This statement had much earlier been a more strongly worded draft from the UK but the fact that South Africa, China and Russia joined in an unanimous Security Council condemnation of Robert Mugabe is a positive step. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had earlier called for the elections to be postponed. So the UN has recognised the "campaign of violence against the political opposition", "the killing of scores of opposition activists and other Zimbabweans, and the beating and displacement of thousands of people, including many women and children."

So what next? If God doesn't intervene with Mugabe might the UN? Lord Ashdown has said that military intervention 'might' be justified at this stage to stop the Zanu-PF backed militia from their regime of terror and intimidation of the people of Zimbabwe. What Other sanctions may be brought to bear? Can these bring about freedom and fairness without hindering the people who are already suffering.

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