Friday, June 06, 2008

Aid Supsended in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe is only just returning for the UN-sponsored summit on the food crisis. His own country is one of those most heavily hit so of course naturally his first course of action is to suspend all overseas agencies for providing that aid to his people. Only governemnt agencies will be providing the aid that people need.

That will be agencies of the same government that manged to detain US and British diplomats. The British delegation said that at least that action taught them a little more of what is a regular occurance to Zimbabwe's own citizens if they diagree with the way they are being run.

The actions by Mugabe may be be another way to try and strangle through manipulation of their daily food supply the people into voting for him. I hope they have the strength and resolve to realise that if he's prepared to play god with their existance to try and maintain, even overturn the choice that they had already made that they should overwhelmingly vote him out of office in the re-run Presidential elections.

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