Monday, May 26, 2008

A Week Really is A Long Time

So what has happened in the week I've been away from the Blogosphere.

Well firstly it was revealed that the only candidate in the Crewe and Nantwich by election to warrent a mention in Debrett's wasn't the one accused of being a Toff but the candidate of the party doing the accusing. Yes for it was Tamsin Dunwoody the Labour candidate who appeared there.

The result was then that Edward 'not a toff' Timpson overturned a 7000 Labour majority into a 7000 Conservative one. In Peter Snow stylee if this were repeated across the country many Labour MPs would lose their seat including the Prime Minister, whoops.

Speaking of whom the PM is having an issue reining in rebels over his next must win. Yes he can shrug off Crewe and Nantwich as a bloody nose, but he can't do the same after previously pledgeing he would fight and win the right for detention without charge for 42 days. Last week saw him stumbling, maybe we might have our second unmandated Prime Ministerial change in less time than we all suspect if he clatters that hurdle and falls on his face.

Alex Salmond had to finally admit that his Scottish Futures Trust was actually the Public Funding Initiative in new clothes after all. While Nicol Stephen raised this matter neither Anabel Goldie nor Wendy Alexander seemed to want to lead their parties there.

Well Wendy probably has not been allowed near the sterring wheel since her bring it on statement backfired. The Scottish Labour Party don't want their road map for the future as littered as the Monaco Grand Prix circuit was yesterday. Iain Gray the enterprise spokeperson now seems to also be the new spokeperson on Independece Referendae in claiming that Alex Salmond's proposed wording of the question is too wording and not clear.

In sport Manchester United won the Champions League Final over Chelsea. They pledged to overhaul Liverpool's total in that trophy. History lesson to all Man U fans Liverpool have since first winning in 1977 been within 1 title of equalling all the other English winners of big ears, that is still true today and we've been to two finals and another semi in the last 4 campaigns. As strong a European showing as our North West rivals.

Unfortunately that was the last game in charge of the Stamford Bridge side for Afram Grant, who was unceremoniously sacked within days of the result.

Hull City have joined the big boys in the Premier League. Doncaster Rovers beat Leeds to the prize of Championship football.

Lewis Hamilton won in rain soaked Monte Carlo and went to the top of the F1 drivers Championships. And Andy Murray won his first match ever in the French Open.

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