Friday, May 16, 2008

Robert Dunlop Killed During NW 200 Practice

They say that engine oil ran through the veins of the Dunlop boys Joey and Robert.

Joey was killed racing in Estonia in 2000 after that summer having a display of all his trophies at the Isle of Man TT where he had runb 26 races. Robert was the record holder at Ireland's premier meeting the North West 200 with 15. Sadly yesterday evening during a practice session his 250cc bike appeared to seize as it reached the fast Mather's Cross section and crashed at high speed. He was confirmed dead from his injuries shortly after 10pm last night.

Robery had had a far more injury affected career than his big brother Joey. In 1994 he crashed in the F1 event at the Isle of Man which took him out for some time, but he soon returned. He walked away from the sport in 2004, but was back racing the following year. This was his first time back racing a 250 class event since the 1994 TT.

His widow Louise told the Belfast Telegraph that she knew, what we all feared when he returned to racing, that he would probably die racing. Another great loss to the high risk sport of road motorbike racing.

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Ashley said...

Robert would be so proud of his boys today.
RIP (The Mighty Micro)


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