Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shèngmu Feng Speaketh

After all the careful preparation, and trying to control everything, Chomolungma (Qomolangma) "the Goddess Mother of the Earth" if you're Tibetan, Sagarmatha "Goddess of the Sky" if you're Nepali, or if you're from Darjeeling Deodungha "The Holy Mountain", or just plain Shèngmu Feng to the Chinese or Everest to the rest of us seems to have spoken and taken things into her own hands.

Having closed both the Chinese and Napalese approaches to the World's highest peak for the ascent of the Olympic Torch. But high winds are reportedly delaying what must have surely been hoped by the Chinese authorities to be the crowning coup of the international relay. Especially in light of the protests against their actions in Tibet more or less everywhere, with the exception of North Korea. However, there is so much secrecy surrounding the 31 Chinese climbers who are apparently attempted to summit with the torch hat I'm sorry I haven't a clue just how well this is going. Nor has the worlds media as we are all relying on reports from the official Chinese media sources.

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