Friday, May 02, 2008

Politics and Rangers

Firstly let me apologice to Bjørge Lillelien but.

Lord Wilson, Lord Callaghan, Sir Ian McKellan, Keir Hardie, Clement Attlee, Liam Galagher, Baroness Jay, you have beaten yourselves, you have beaten yourselves. Gordon Brown, can you hear that? Gordon Brown your boys [and girls] took a hell of a beating.

No while one team has it's worse showing ion 40 years another has had a good one. For the first time in 36 years the Blue side of Glasgow are preparing for a European final. So long in the shadow of their hooped rivals the Ibrox club are still seeking all 4 trophies having already secured the CIS cup, they now face two finals and the remaining SPL games including several in hand over Celtic could see a first in a club securing all domestic plus a European trophy in the same season.


Anonymous said...


Far be it for me to disagree but...

In season 1966-67 Celtic won the European Cup, the Scottish League, the League Cup and Scottish Cup.

Incidentally they also won the Glasgow Cup and Quiz Ball (the BBC sports programme)!

Therefore whilst Rangers may win every trophy they compete for this season, they will still only be the second team to do so.

Stephen Glenn said...

Just like the last time Liverpool lost a semi-final in the Premier European club tournament I wasn't around then. So I bow to your knowledge. And I'm sorry for taking my facts straight off the BBC. Especially as numerous errors have been pinted out about their election coverage this time.


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