Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vote Mugabe or You Will Die

It's been 12 days since the election for Zimbabwe's President closed and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission have yet to release the result of that poll. However, Zanu-PF henchmen of President Robert Mugabe have already started their campaign for the re-run of that vote in areas where the Movement for Democratic Change polled strongly.

Armed with AK-47s, shotguns and pistols they are terrorising groups getting them to sing liberation songs or chant Zanu-PF slogans and telling them, 'You messed up when you voted. Next time you vote you must get it right or you will die.' In order to try and balance up the vote in their favour they asked people to point out those who had supported the MDC. Fortunately in the incident reported in the Grauniad today nobody was pointed out.

Now in democracy there is no right or wrong merely the will of the people. The people who are messing up are clearly Zanu-PF and the ZEC. Violence and intimidation were not prevelant in the elections of 29 March unlike 3 and 6 years ago. They are returning now in a last ditch effort to save the presidency of Mugabe. However, the eyes of the world are on Zimbabwe and are still watching.

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